Digital Download Whimsical Card~Tiger Lily's Don't Cross Me-by Suzanne Davis Harden

Digital Download Whimsical Card~Tiger Lily's Don't Cross Me-by Suzanne Davis Harden

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Digital Download~Whimsical Tiger Lily’s Don’t Cross Me Card~Illustrated by Suzanne Davis Harden

I made this whimsical card in honor of my 91 year old mama who asked me to create it so she could send it to her twin sister.
It is a portrait of her beloved fur baby Tiger Lily who was about 22 years old when she lost her a few months ago.
Tiger had an amazing personality.

The cat thought she was a human. She could do astonishing things with her paws. Whatever Mama did, she thought she had to do. Including taking Mama’s blood pressure meds. Several years ago Mama told me that she had to watch her like a hawk or she would indeed snitch those pills that my mom had to take with her breakfast back then.

Tiger enjoyed riling my late Yorkie, Miss Phee, who hated all cats.
Once while we were visiting Mama, Tiger tried to start WW3 as I had just gotten little Phee to settle down, a major challenge at my mother’s with all the other animals.
Tiger seemed to disdain Miss Phee, not only because she was a dog who was half her size, but because she wore little dresses and bows in her hair.

She seemed to be of the opinion that Phee might be a squirrel that someone had let in the house.
Tiger seemed tolerant to a point.
I had just gotten little Phee to sleep in my arms when Tiger decided to come up beside my chair and prepared to jump into my arms thinking that here was a lap in which to sit.
It was her house after all and all house guests were her property.
I cried out for Mark. “No Tiger! Please don’t jump!”
Mama begged, “No Tiger, come to me, sit on my lap!”
Mark grabbed Tiger in mid leap but not before Phee could awaken and see that big old cat and all mayhem broke loose.
How dare that old Tiger Lily come near her and her mommy ~Miss Phee seemed so insulted.
And Tiger seemed insulted that Miss Phee was insulted.

A furiously indignant “Meow” erupted from Mama’s cat.
Phee let loose with a barrage of angry barks that seemed like they would go on forever.
I had to rush her up to our room to calm her down.
Little dogs. Sigh.
Well, Tiger Lily had gotten her way.
Miss Phee had been removed from the room and she now sat comfortably on Mama’s lap and all was peaceful and bliss in the that room at least.
No little dogs with dresses and bows in their hair were around to annoy her and disturb her routine.

Tiger Lily could be pretty cranky towards Miss Phee, but she was ever sweet to me.
So it truly is a blessing and an honor to paint her portrait for this card for my Mama.
And it was Mama who made up the tongue in cheek verse on the card.  
She is still so sharp at her age and reads all the time.
I pray I can be as quick witted as she is if I live to be in my nineties.
May this card put a smile on your face and bring you joy.

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*Designed & Illustrated by Suzanne Davis Harden through the Indwelling Risen Lord Jesus Christ, Inspired by the Holy Spirit, to the Glory of God the Father, in Jesus' name, amen.