Happy 29th Birthday Again! Humoraous Digital Greeting

Digital Download~Happy 29th Birthday Again~by Suzanne Davis Harden

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Happy 29th Birthday Again~ may your journey be filled with wonder and grace.

This is a fun card for those who enjoy celebrating their favorite age with every birthday, like my husband. He publicly acknowledges his birthday every year as if it's his 29th all over again! I think he's celebrated his 29th birthday ever since he was really 29! Everyone has fun with this family joke.  My mother in law loves to celebrate her 32nd birthday every year. It makes both Mark and his mom happy to have chosen a special year of their youth to celebrate and it keeps private their true age.
Have fun with this card if you know someone who finds humor in celebrating their 29th birthday every year!
Simply purchase and you will find your card in your downloads folder.

Attach to your text or email just as you would a photo and send to the birthday person you want to honor! Or print and make a special printed card or use in scrap-booking or make a birthday journal.
This product is a 300 ppi .jpg file for high quality image resolution.

*No watermark is on the purchased file.

*This card is for for personal use only, not commercial profit 
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