About Peaceangel Song's Gifts

pretty blue angel with trumpet flying over words Peaceangel Song's Gifts

About Peaceangelsong's Gifts

If you look carefully at the angel illustration on our shop logo you may have seen her before!

She is also the angel on my company logo, Wings of the Morning Publications, LLC.

I called her the Womp Angel.

Back in 2009 I created her when the Lord called me to start my publishing company.

I was the last person anyone would have thought the Lord would have chosen to be the head of a publishing company or to run any business at all.

I suffered from chronic migraines. Any and everything triggered an episode. How was I ever going to run a publishing company? But the Lord assured me that if I laid everything on His altar and trusted completely in Him I would never fail. For He said to my heart, God is love and love never fails.

What was I to publish?

I had a been a passionate visual artist and worked as a freelance illustrator for over twenty years while my husband Mark and I raised our two children.

By 2009 our kids, Faith and Christian, were grown and had moved far away to successful jobs.

Mark had his job, the kids had their wonderful lives out west, now the Lord was telling me, I could do this publishing work for Him.

I could publish the greeting and encouraging cards that I made

by hand for the sick and suffering people in church and elsewhere.

But I had been suffering from an auto immune illness since 2007, how could I manage?

The Lord led me to take small business classes at one of our local universities. I learned a great deal from these.

Mark helped me get several of my greeting cards printed by a local printing company.

Then Wings of the Morning Publications, LLC was born, or as I love to refer to it, the WOMP. :)

We started our first store on the Etsy Platform selling my cards and handmade prints, "Wings Publications on Etsy."

After that I started selling in my Etsy Pattern Store "Wings Publications Fine Art Prints, Greetings, Music, and Gifts."

 We are a small company with just three employees, Mark, myself, and little Doctor Jada Wink. (MLD) “Much Loved Doggy” (Our Little Yorkie :)

However, our true CEO, and Founder is the Lord Jesus Christ! We aim to please and to glorify our Lord and Savior in everything we do here in our shop.

As I abide in the Lord, by faith I believe that His Holy Spirit inspires all of the paintings, prints, greeting and encouraging cards, as well as all of the music and other gift products that I create.

My husband has always been very supportive. I could never have done this work apart from his love and encouragement.

We are truly a team working together in our company.

I do the creative work and maintain the website with all the products and so forth, and Mark is in charge of technical support (fixes things when they go awry), customer support, and shipping, while little JJ (Doctor Wink) is in charge of all the cuddles ;).

 We are so excited about the birth of our new store here at Shopify and hope you will enjoy shopping with us and be inspired by all of the products the Lord has given me to share with you.

May the Lord bless you with rivers of His peace and hope.

Much love,

Suzanne and Mark Harden & Doctor Jada Wink “JJ”