Digital Download~ To a Beloved Mom~ You Are Cherished More Than You Will Ever Know

Digital Download~To A Beloved Mom-You Are Cherished by Suzanne Davis Harden

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Designed as a Mother’s Day Greeting, this beautiful Digital Download Card can be used to encourage your favorite mom, step mom, mother figure, or mother in law any time you want to let her know how much you love her and how special she is to you.

When making this card I thought especially of our beautiful Faithy and Nikki, daughter and daughter in law, both of whom are excellent mothers to their own precious children. Our three granddaughters' lives shine with the brilliance of their nurturing love and care.
They are such amazing role models for their daughters. I am so thankful for these two hard working mothers; and I pray every day that they and all of the moms just like them will know how much they are loved and cherished, though it may sometimes seem as if they do much that does not get appreciated, for the children are quite young yet.

But by and by those wee ones will grow up and they will let their moms know how much even the smallest things have meant to them over the years. So I pray that no mommy out there will get discouraged, but will keep loving and hoping and doing the hard tasks of raising the little ones.

The harvest is well worth it. Someday they really will tell you that you are cherished more than you will ever know.

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Copyright © by Suzanne Davis Harden, through the Risen Lord Jesus Christ, Inspired by His Holy Spirit, to the Glory of God the Father, in Jesus' Holy Name, amen, all rights reserved.