Digital Greeting-Happy 30th Birthday Celebrating This Awesome Milestone With YOu!

Digital Download-Happy Thirtieth Birthday ~by Suzanne Davis Harden

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Happy Thirtieth Birthday! ~Celebrating This Awesome Milestone With You!

Often young adults greet their 30th birthday with anything but a warm welcome, when it is in fact the beginning of an even greater season on their journey in life, filled with more wonders than they can ever dare to imagine.

Here is a colorful greeting that is great for sharing with a friend or loved one to remind them on their 30th milestone birthday that there is still joy, and laughter, life and humor, and plenty of colorful adventures on the journey that lies ahead of them. For after all, thirty is still, in the overall scheme of things,  pretty young compared to the average life span of a person.

May the soul who is feeling ambivalent, or even negative, about the prospect of turning thirty brighten, and receive this Happy Birthday greeting from a good friend or loved one who will encourage and help them celebrate this tremendous milestone on their sojourn.

May they dare to believe that they have just started a brand new page in a new chapter in the book of their life, and may they rejoice in the hope for the wondrous stories that lie ahead for them to live on the now blank spaces that lie before them in the unwritten leaves of the book of their soul.

Instantly available to share once you purchase, just attach to email or text as you would a photo! You will find your purchased card in your downloads folder.

The image is a .jpg 300 ppi high quality resolution file. It can be printed and scaled to the size you require should you want to make a printed greeting card with the image. It is also useful in scrap-booking or journal making. You or your recipient could also use the image file as a cover or page in a personal digital journal.

*There are no watermarks on your purchased file. *The card is for your personal use only, not commercial profit. 

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