Digital Birthday Greeting-A Thousand Happy Birthday Wishes-by Suzanne Davis Harden

Digital Birthday Greeting-A Thousand Happy Birthday Wishes-by Suzanne Davis Harden

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Whimsical Digital Happy Birthday Greeting Card

It is a privilege to honor someone on their birthday. What a blessing to encourage those we love! When we forget others, we lose a priceless chance to remind them that they are valued.
As people grow older and move to new environments, they may receive few or no birthday acknowledgments. We can never know when our encouragement will bring joy to someone and make a lifelong impression of light on their soul.  
Sending a birthday card is a beautiful opportunity to help a person feel valued on their special day.

You can be sure that whomever you share this colorful digital birthday design with will treasure their card!
Easy to purchase, you will find the .jpg image file in your downloads folder after making your transaction.
There are several ways to share your purchased digital card.
It may be attached as you would a photo to an email or text message to your recipient. Also, the card can be used as email invitations to a child's birthday party. Sending virtual cards saves postage and paper, and is a good way of supporting a healthy environment.
However, if you prefer to create a print card, simply open the image file in a greeting card software program, print and create your own delightful Birthday card to share.

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