Digital Download Happy Birthday Cake Greetin

Digital Download Greeting Happy Birthday Cake Card by Suzanne Davis Harden

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For this card I painted a tower cake with myriads of candles for the special birthday person to imagine they can blow out and make a wish upon.  "May Your Birthday Wishes Come True" is the message written across the parade of colorful brightly lit candles adorning the cake. Happy Birthday is written above the cake surrounded by a border of red, green, and blue balloons, and brightly colored hearts, and stars.

This is a joyful card to celebrate a joyful day. Whether or not the person you share this digital card with ever gets a real birthday cake, they are sure to be blessed by this delightful image of one made just for them sent by you to let them know how much you honor them and celebrate their life.

Simple to purchase, once you make your transaction, the .jpg file will appear in your downloads folder. Attach to email or text as your would a photo. Or print in your favorite greeting card software program and create your own printed card from it. Use it for scrap-booking, or to make a birthday journal, or however you wish; (*consult our digital rights agreement as to limitations of use.)

The card is designed to be 6" inches by 7" inches (300 ppi) and is scalable up or down should you want to print it.

*No watermarks will appear on your purchased image.