Happy Birthday Digital Download card features a cute bear with a cake and six candles and lots of colorful balloons. Musical notes and Happy Birthday printed at the bottom. For sharing via text or email. Attach as you would a photo. No watermarks will be on downloaded image file.

Digital Download-Whimsical Fun Birthday Card~ By Suzanne Davis Harden

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This fun digital download birthday card was born from a doodle I did one day while vacationing with Mark and sadly missing all of my regular art supplies. If there was one drawback to going away from home it had to be leaving my art supplies. One soul admitted to me that when she goes away she dreads having to leave her shoes behind because she needs a different pair for every outfit. Recently she took at least twelve pairs for a four day jaunt.

I’m the same way with my art supplies, for I feel lost if I can’t create something, or don’t have the right tools to do it with.
However, my husband has issues with packing as economically as possible. He gets travel anxieties and if he has one peccadillo it’s this maddening zeal to pack the car as streamlined as possible. If he can load the vehicle more efficiently than he did on the previous vacation, he feels he’s won some sort of personal best.
On the vacation when I drew the nucleus of this birthday card, he informed me that I could take one musical instrument and one of my art supplies because we would be taking a smaller vehicle this time. 

ONE!!!! Was he he insane?! We were going away for a whole week. 
I was devastated. 

Well, to avoid starting WWW III I knew that I would have to just comply. He somehow convinced me that all I really needed was my little Galaxy Phone which I used religiously at the time for sketching. And if I really had checked it out, that my IPad could simulate a piano. 
A light bulb went off in my head.

I sketched the little figure carrying the birthday cake one afternoon on my phone.

I found that sketch just this past week and thought that it would make a cute birthday card for Peaceangelsong’s Gifts! I prayed that the Lord would give me just the right card for the birthday bear and He blessed me with this one. 

And who knows if Mark had not convinced me to pair down and bring only my phone and Ipad for art and music making then perhaps I would never have been inspired to create this happy card or one of my absolute favorite songs that He has ever given me on any instrument~who knew that an Ipad could double as a piano? We serve an awesome God.

*No watermarks will appear on your purchased card.

Share via text or email. Attach the JPG file just as you would a photo. You can also print and size the image according to how large or small you want your print card. Then add postage and send through snail mail.

*Happy Birthday Digital Card, created by Suzanne Davis Harden, through the Indwelling Risen Lord Jesus Christ, Inspired by His Holy Spirit, to the Glory of God the Father, in Jesus’ Holy Name, Amen.